Workout Gear

Workout GearSome days/ weeks it is so hard to motivate myself to get to the gym. The desire to get healthy and more fit sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Taking new classes and doing different workouts are a couple of the ways I get motivated. Another thing that motivates me is good workout gear. Having cute and useful workout gear seriously helps me get to my workouts. I’ve rounded up a few things here that have helped me kick my butt into gear.

01 | Blender Bottle – Hydrating at the gym is so important but I always forget about bringing a water bottle to the gym. Having a cute bottle to bring to the gym has definitely helped me remember my water. The little handle at the top is great for portability and I can clip my keys right to it when I need to.

02 | Nike Training Shoes  – I have the Nike free running shoes already but I’m itching to try out these training shoes for use when I take classes or use the machines at the gym. These are stylish while integrating color with my go-to combo of black and white.

03 | Fitbit – Since I’ve gotten my Fitbit, I’ve used it almost every day. I love being able to track my steps and calories more precisely. It’s really helpful to see progress and motivating to workout to make sure you have enough steps for the day.

04 | VS Pink Tanks – I love these ranks for working out. They provide enough coverage while also being a loose enough fit and breathable fabric. Love the different color options and have been rocking them at the gym lately.

05 | Think Thin Lean Protein Bars – Great snacks go right along with great workout gear. These bars are great for getting the energy needed to make it through those tough workouts. They give you enough energy without any crash. It’s nice to have a few of these on hand for snack cravings. The chunky peanut butter is my fave.

What motivates you to get to the gym?