Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites_2015.08.23

I love discovering new things. For me, finding a new tv show, podcast or book to get into is one of the best feelings in the world. So when I do find these things, I love to share them with others in the hope that they would love them as much as I do. Here are a few things lately that I’ve found are really awesome. 

Supernatural – For lack of anything else to watch on Netflix, I started watching Supernatural. Now I wasn’t expecting a whole hell of a lot from this show, mostly something fun to pass the time, but I got a whole lot more than I expected. It is a genuinely fun show with good acting and exciting plots. The episodes may be a bit predictable and by the book, but this is a very entertaining show that I’ve been enjoying so much.

Mystery Show – I know I’m always talking about new podcasts I’m listening to but that’s because podcasts are awesome while being informative, interesting and best of all, free! This particular podcast is equal parts quirky and  entertaining. Each heart-felt episode delves into a new mystery, from the seemingly mundane, to intricately in-depth. Each is so fun to listen to, I will definitely be tuning in for season 2.

Modcloth – This website has been around for a while but I’d never gotten into it before now. A few weekends ago I ran across it and found some things I just had to have. Most notably an alpaca shirt and a gold ceramic ampersand. Instant love.

Gilmore Guys – I think we all already know about my obsession with Gilmore Girls: it is very strong. So when I discovered this podcast I knew I had to listen. These guys are so ridiculous and funny while discussing in depth a show that I’ve watched for so long. I have to try very hard to not laugh out loud listening to their banter. It really sheds new light on one of my favorite shows of all time and like the show, is thoroughly entertaining.

Atelier Cologne, Silver Iris – I think I must have gotten this perfume sample in one of my recent birchboxes and have been using it all summer. It is a rather strong fragrance but I love its musky slightly floral scent.

You Deserve a Drink – I wish I was half as funny as Mamrie Hart. This book is seriously funny. And her youtube is a joy and a half. Read it if you want some thoroughly laugh worthy stories with your delicious cocktail recipes.

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