Weekend Travel

Weekend Travel-1-07

I love taking weekend trips. They are a really great way to take a break from work and get the most from your weekend. With only a couple days to travel during the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to visit places relatively near where you live. I typically end up going to the same places but there are so many places I haven’t visited that are so close to where I live. This year I really want to make a dent in that list. These are just are a few places I would love to visit on some weekend trips.


San Diego-01San Diego – I’ve been to San Diego many times before but I always love it and always want to go back. It’s only a short flight from where I live so it would be the perfect weekend trip. The vibe in San Diego is great and there are always new places to see. The city is so large that there would be many different things to see in one trip. I really want to visit some of the breweries in the area and hang out in the downtown area.

Las Vegas-01Las Vegas – Las Vegas is another place that I’ve been to a few times, but there is always fun to be had there. There’s so much in Vegas that I still haven’t seen that I would love to see. I’ve always wanted to see Fremont Street in Las Vegas as well as make it to the many casinos on the strip that I have never been to.

Antelope Valley-01Arizona – Two words: Antelope Canyon. This is a place I want to see so badly. The photographs of this place are too amazing for words and I feel a need to witness it in person. Do yourself a favor and google photos of Antelope Canyon. You won’t be sorry. I’m sure there is more to see in Arizona but that is definitely where I would start.

Seattle-01Seattle – The space needle, the first Starbucks, the gum wall and Pike Place Market are a few places I’d love to see in Seattle. I also really love the rain so it would be pretty cool to see a place that is rainy a majority of the time.

Chicago-01Chicago – Chicago is a place that I’ve flown through a few times on my way to somewhere else. There are so many things in this city that I would like to see that it’s pretty unfortunate that I’ve only flown through it. I love being able to compare the big cities that I’ve visited to each other. Seeing all the differences between places I visit is really one of my favorite parts of traveling.