Weekly Favorites

Weekly Favorites

1// Gilmore Girls on Netflix – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m obsessed with Gilmore Girls. And not in a ‘oh I love that show’ kind of way but in an ‘I’ve watched every episode a million times and can quote almost all of it’ kind of way. And although I have every season on DVD (and have watched them countless times), having every episode on Netflix is so amazing and convenient to be able to watch them on my iPad or laptop any time I want. A Gilmore obsessed girls’ dream come true.

2// John Green – Ever since I read A Fault In Our Stars, I’ve fallen in love with John Green’s writing. So far I’ve also read Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska and I’ve started An Abundance of Katherines. Although his writing is typically centered around teenagers, the themes of the books seem much older than the characters. I love the way he writes; the imagery and the multi faceted characters he creates really make you think about life and bigger things in the world.

3// Clarisonic – I treated myself to one of these around my birthday in the cutest color. I love how clean this makes my skin feel after using it. I really feel like it removes more dirt and makeup and helps my skin absorb products better. I love the fact that you can use different brush heads with it and different speeds for a truly customized skin care routine.

4// Trivia Crack – This game is literally crack. It’s all about knowing little bits of random trivia. Once I get started playing it, it’s really hard to stop. It’s a great game to have around when you have nothing else to do and want to be entertained. Plus, learning random facts while playing is an added bonus.

5// Tartlette Palette – No one loves an all matte palette more than I do. Matte eyeshadows for me are much easier to wear than shimmers. This palette has 12 different matte shadows ranging from very light to very dark. I love all of the shades included in this palette. They are all very wearable and buildable. The combination of the gold and purple packing with the versatile shades makes this palette a major winner.