Weekly Favorites


Interstellar – This movie blew my mind. I loved everything about it: the acting, writing, storyline, visuals, score, everything was stunning. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I watched it. Although there have been mixed reviews about the science behind the movie, it doesn’t really matter as it’s a work of fiction and it was incredible just to see this story that was imagined and put into this beautiful package. I think I need to see this movie about 40 more times in order to understand everything in it, which I so look forward to doing. I do suggest seeing it in IMAX if possible because it is so worth it. It always blows my mind thinking about how movies are made and the long and grueling process that is required to put them together and seeing this beautiful movie really made me marvel at that process. 


Macbook – I finally gave in and bought myself a new laptop. I’ve never owned an apple computer before but I chose to invest in a macbook and I’ve loved every minute of using it. Its going to be great for creating new content for the blog and keeping myself motivated to keep adding to this website.


Food Photography – I’m still obsessed with food photography. There is so much great photography out there and I have been totally into photographs of food lately. It’s amazing how great the simplest foods can look when they are photographed in certain ways. My pinterest has been crammed with so many food photos that it probably looks like that’s all I look at but I can’t help myself. One blog I recently found is Adventures in Cooking. I’m in love with her moody food photography so much that even though I do not cook, I find myself gushing over all of her photos. One day when I actually start cooking, this blog will be the first one I go to to recreate a recipe. 


Serial Podcast – Serial is a podcast by the producers of This American Life and it follows a story of a man that was put away for the murder of his ex girlfriend. The podcast goes through elements of the crime episode by episode breaking down seemingly every part of this trial revealing more and more details in each episode. From the very first episode I was hooked. It is so well produced and put together that every week I look forward to the new episode and wish they were longer. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds but also don’t want it to be over.