Discovered: Podcasts

Podcasts are something I’ve recently discovered and am so thankful I’ve jumped on this bandwagon. I can listen to them while I’m working and it makes me feel like I’m multitasking to the extreme. They can be entertaining and also teach me a variety of different things. Each of the podcasts I listen to are really unique. A few of my favorites:

NerdistNerdist – Hosted by Chris Hardwick, these podcasts are usually celebrity interviews and are so funny. Chris is a comedian and he’s so good at getting his interview-ees to open up. Listening to these is usually an hour of me trying not to laugh out loud in my office.

This-American-LifeThis American Life – Each week they tackle a new topic – from talking about bad babies and coincidences to the kindness of strangers. These stories are always well put together and amazing. This is the first podcast I really started listening to on a regular basis.
Radiolab – I learn so much from this podcast. They investigate a variety of topics in more of a scientific way and it is so so interesting. The care and the development that goes into the production if these episodes is very apparent and all of their episodes are extremely entertaining.
The Moth – Each one of these episodes contains different stories by different people. It is so intriguing to hear each person’s story. Every story is great and some can really put things into perspective. The bravery that it takes to tell such personal stories to strangers is incredible to me.  It’s just a joy in this world that you can hear the life stories of others and maybe learn or feel a little something that can make your own life better.
Welcome to Nightvale – This podcast is so original that I just had to start listening to it. It is told as a radio show from a fictional town that has an alien problem. This unique podcast is probably not for everyone but I think it is so entertaining to listen to this story unfold.
Does anyone else listen to podcasts? I’d love any suggestions of new ones I should catch.