Fall Wardrobe Faves

Obviously all I can currently think about is the changing season and the impending move towards cool weather. It hasn’t happened yet but I can feel the weather getting ready to cool down and that has got me thinking about all of the great wardrobe choices that fall brings. Fall for me really opens doors to a wardrobe I lean more naturally towards. I love scarves and boots and sweaters and hate to see them in my closet unused for the warmer months. The following are my favorite pieces to wear during the fall.

Scarves[both from target]

Scarves are one of my all time favorite things to wear during the colder months and I have quite the collection. Once the weather changes I tend to get cold very easily. I love that scarves can keep you warm and be a stylish addition to an outfit. My favorite scarves are usually cowl neck thick styles or patterned square shaped thin fabric scarves that can be wrapped multiple times and give the same thick look as a cowl neck. I’m also drawn towards the darker colors because they just scream fall to me.

Sweaters[forever21 and kohl’s]

Sweaters are also a sign that autumn has finally arrived. I love the possibilities that layering sweaters can bring and the look that they give. And also the warmth. I like to go either colorful with a sweater or neutral so I can wear more colorful pants or scarves.

Boots [both from dsw]

Boots are what I look forward to wearing all year. The style I am most drawn to is ankle boots. As usual, I’m drawn towards black ankle boots but I also love other neutrals and am always searching for a new favorite pair. I’m always so happy when I get to break these out of hiding from my closet.

One department I am definitely lacking in is outerwear. Coats are something I have a love/hate relationship with. I LOVE the look and function of coats for cold weather but I never can find a coat that I’m completely in love with. I will have to continue this search before this season gets into full swing. I’ve been looking for a shorter version as I have a few longer styles that aren’t always the most functional. A colorful coat is a major attention grabber and I would love to find one that could go with many different outfits.

What are your favorite staple fall clothing pieces? Anything you are particularly excited to wear? ♡