When I was young I loved making things for my bedroom and always added to it and tried to make it better. This is still true today. I love trying to make my bedroom a calm and beautiful space to spend time. Gathering little elements you love can be a great way to infuse your style into a space. My favorite aspect of my room is the color of my walls. I absolutely love the mint green walls. The color is so calming that I think that no matter where I live, I will want to paint my bedroom this color. One thing I also love is combining color with white, I’ve definitely focused on this in the styling of my bedroom. Most of my furniture is white and I love how it creates a clean crisp starting point for adding in more color.
 This bedspread is my most favorite that I’ve ever owned. I LOVE flowers and this combination of white with black and gray dotted flowers really gives me a clean palate for all of the other colors in my room.
 These flags were something I made in order to bring more color to an otherwise blank wall. I easily made them with paper and string and I think they add a really cute pop of color to my space.
Combining these white curtains with my white furniture gives a really nice backdrop to the rest of my bedroom. They are the perfect amount of opaque versus transparent.
Another element I have a lot of in my room are white figurines. I have three owls and this whale. I think elements like these add personality and quirkiness to a space to make it reflect your personality in a unique way. I think sticking to one color for these elements keep them from getting too out of control and taking over the style of a space.
I’d love to know: what are your favorite decorating tips?