Life moves so quickly. Lately I’ve been trying to take time to myself and do things that make me happy since I’ve felt in a bit of a funk. Something as simple as getting into a new show or buying a new shirt can really bring joy to my day and I marvel at how the smallest things can really make a difference in changing my perspective.

New Girl – This show has been around for a while but I never got fully into it in the beginning. I think I had watched a few episodes of this show when it had first come out. I remembered it being really cute and Zooey of course being great in it but at that point I was too busy to keep up with another show. I’ve recently rediscovered it and am absolutely obsessed. The quirkiness and fun that this show brings to the table is just so infectious. The episodes are only about 21 minutes long on Netflix and it is great to just quickly watch a few episodes in a couple hours. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. 
New Shirt – This shirt is everything. It combines my obsession with flowers and black with my favorite phrase when it comes to dealing with people and their b.s. I wish I could wear this shirt everyday. I really debated purchasing two identical versions of this shirt but my logical reasoning won out.
Katy Perry – Last Tuesday I got to see Katy Perry live in concert. It really was incredible. Katy Perry can put on a damn good show. There was so much variety, color and energy in her show along with her entertaining performances. It was unlike any other concert I’ve attended and it was just a really fun way to break up the week and have something to look forward to. 
Tiny Necklaces – I talked about my love for tiny necklaces in this Etsy post, and I finally caved and bought a couple. I am totally in love with these tiny gold pieces. The arrow and triangle are so small and cute, they really could be worn every day and just looking at them brings a smile to my face because they are so darn cute.
Sometimes we need to just slow things down and take some time for ourselves: I’d love to know how you find little pieces of happiness in every day. 
new girl photo from google+