Pieces of Happy

These past few weeks have been very busy. I’ve been trying to balance everything but it can sometimes be a struggle. There have been a few little things that have been making me happy and keeping me going. I marvel at how the little things in life can change our perspectives and give us special elements to look forward to during crazy times. Here are a few of these happy things:

New gym bag – This bag is both cute and functional: the two necessities for any bag. It’s big enough to hold all of my essentials for working out. I love a bag with lots of pockets, especially for the gym. And this color is to die for. I will definitely be using this one a bunch. (olivia+joy). Which goes along with something else that has been making me happy: getting back into exercising. I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon of my exercise regime for the past couple months. It’s been making me feel sluggish and so much less strong. Exercising gives me so much more energy and makes me happier so I’ve been slowly getting back into it.


Intuos Wacom tablet – I’ve wanted a drawing tablet for so long and finally bought this one. I’m so excited to see what I can create using this tablet. You can look forward to lots of creations coming up while I’m experimenting with what I can do with this tablet.


 Birchbox package – Getting anything in the mail is awesome. Getting a Birchbox shipment in the mail is exciting because you know you are in store for some great beauty products. This shipment was an order for skincare products that will hopefully make my skin feel/look better, which always makes me happy.


Seeing concerts – My first concert wasn’t until college. Although I’ve always loved music, somehow I’d never thought to actually go to a concert. Throughout college I never had enough time to see all the concerts I wanted to but now that I’m in the ‘real world’ and have free weekends, I’ve been grabbing every opportunity to see live music. My music tastes tend to be pretty diverse: I have tickets to see Katy Perry this month, I recently went to Warped Tour, a Fall Out Boy/Paramore concert and won free tickets to see Ed Sheeran. Winning those tickets was crazy and awesome and made me soo happy. I love Ed Sheeran’s new album and was so happy to see him live. I feel like I’m making up all the time now seeing as many concerts as I can since I’ve missed so many in the past. It feels good to splurge a little on these types of things and be able to soak up these experiences, especially during a busy time.