If you can’t tell by now, I love making lists. A lot of my posts end up being in list format just because in my real life, I’m always making lists. Lists help keep me motivated. If I have a list of things to do then I have a purpose to the day and feel like I won’t waste my day lying around or doing pointless things (although I have plenty of those days too). The feeling after completing a list of tasks is one of great accomplishment and they’re really a great way to motivate yourself.  Not only do I make paper lists on cute notepads, I have a few apps on my phone that make keeping lists very easy. 
  • Evernote – I use evernote for a lot of different things, specifically writing up drafts of my blog posts and keeping lists of everything from topics to write about for the blog to lists of ideas for people’s birthday gifts. This app is my go to anytime I need to write anything down.
  • ShopShop – This is the original app that I started using for creating my lists. I usually keep lists of things that I need to buy in this app but I also have lists of movies and TV shows I need to watch. It is so useful to have a place to store these lists in one place and this app is so simple. 
  • Wunderlist – This app is a multi-functional list keeping app. I use it for more of an itinerary of items that need to be done over the weekend or during the day. I really like the design of this app and the fact that it could be utilized for business purposes by multiple users.
Any other list takers out there? What are your favorite apps for keeping organized?