Healthy Snacking


If I didn’t snack throughout the day, I would probably go crazy with hunger. Or at least fall asleep due to lack of energy. Having healthy snacks around help me get through the day and keep me from eating really badly all day.

Almonds – Almonds are full of protein and healthy fats. They are easy to snack on and take with you throughout the day to stay away from those unhealthier snacks. If I feel like something a little tastier than raw almonds, I go for a roasted or lightly salted version. 

Smoothies – My favorite smoothie recipes include relatively healthy ingredients. Lately my favorite recipes have included vanilla yogurt, oats, vanilla almond milk, and either fresh berries or the combination of peanut butter and a banana. Adding some type of protein to your smoothie can help you feel more satisfied and less hungry throughout the day.

Kind Healthy Grains – Soft Baked Bars – These are my favorite granola bars. I usually have two flavors around to take with me to work to keep me sustained throughout the day. These are relatively healthy snacks as the ingredients are fairly simple and they only have 150 calories. These usually give me enough energy to last until lunch. 

Bananas – The potassium and other elements in bananas have so many benefits that I try to eat them as much as possible. They are easy to transport and eat while you’re on the go. Not to mention delicious.

Dark Chocolate – Keeping a bar of dark chocolate in my drawer at work is one of my secrets for getting through that after lunch tired feeling. Eating a square instantly gives me a little boost to keep working. I love versions that include mint or sea salt.