I’m always dreaming about travel. Whenever I don’t have a trip planned, I start looking for places I want to see next that I haven’t visited before. Pinterest is a great resource in this area. Being able to search for locations that I might want to visit is so fun and easy. Creating a travel board is the easiest way to figure out where you want to travel and what exactly you want to see when you’re there. My birthday is at the end of December and I’ve been saving up my travel days for a trip to hopefully a tropical locale. Although I would love to make it to a European country during this time, I think we will be staying a little closer to home. Plus, I’ve never traveled anywhere tropical and want to very badly. Give me a warm beach during December and I’m all in. Any of these four are places that I would love to visit for my birthday and if not then, at least at some point very soon. 
The only question is: where should I visit first? 
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