Stay Fit Tips

Today I’m sharing some tips to help you lead a more healthy life. I’m no expert but changing these little things can help you look and feel better about your health and body. In the past few years, these are the strategies that have helped me feel better about myself and my body. 


  • Drink smart! – Don’t drink your calories. Drink water or unsweetened tea most of the day. Don’t drink soda, even if it is diet. The sugar and unhealthy ingredients in soda can majorly affect your health. Make a rule to help you drink less soda: maybe you can drink it one day a week or only on the weekends. This sugar adds up to major calories and unhealthiness in the long run. Once you haven’t had these drinks in a while, you will stop craving them and eventually be turned off of drinking them. Invest In a water bottle you can take everywhere to bring your healthy drink of choice. My favorite is the BKR bottle because of the cute color options and glass and silicone construction.
  • Walk everywhere. Seriously! Park farther away from the places you drive to so you can walk more to and from your car, even if it’s just a short distance, it’s making you healthier, and that’s what we all need right?
  • Exercise a majority of the week – do anything, even if it’s just a little. My routine is usually Monday and Wednesday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but whenever you can fit it in is the perfect time for you. I love taking different kinds of classes at my local gym. Find a teacher you like or a type of class you like and stalk it for openings at a time you can go. I love yoga or something like BodyPump; anything engaging and fun will keep you interested and motivated.
  • Eat healthily a majority of the week. Give yourself a cheat day or a few meals a week but eat healthily a majority of the week. Turning to unhealthy foods during the workday can be so easy so plan out what you are going to eat, even if you don’t make it yourself, you can still find something healthy. My favorite choice is going to Whole Foods. Hitting up the lunch section at whole foods can turn you on to many healthy foods. From the salad bar to juices and salmon, they tend to have some great healthy food that tastes delicious. I go there more than once a week for lunch at work and it helps me make smart choices. Don’t deprive yourself however. Deprivation leads to major binging later which can throw off any progress you’ve made. But be smart: if you want a cookie, have a cookie. But just one or two. Same with anything you crave or usually eat but know is bad for you. My trick is to look at a serving size and have only that, not more, so I still feel like I’ve fulfilled my craving but not gone overboard.
  • Don’t unhealthily snack – Chips are one of my greatest weakness. If they are around me, I will most definitely eat them. I know they are my trigger to mindlessly snack, so I never have them around. And if they aren’t around, I simply can’t eat them. Know your weaknesses and don’t have them around so you can’t be tempted.
  • Lift weights! – Do not be afraid to lift weights, and lift heavy. No, you won’t get bulky or manly, so don’t be afraid. Bodypump, the class I mentioned before, is a barbell weight lifting class set to upbeat music that is so fun you don’t really feel like youre lifting weights. A class like that can transition you into weightlifting in a fun way. Try it,you might love it.
  • Buy cute workout clothes – This is something that definitely keeps me motivated. Just put on your cute workout gear and then you have to workout. That’s my strategy at least. (And it usually works. Usually.)
  • Track your progress! – My Fitness Pal or a tech device like the Fitbit will motivate you and allow you to visually see your goals and how you are meeting them or falling short. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing your results and the progress you’ve made due to eating healthy and working out. These tracking devices can keep you accountable and get you to set and meet goals.
  • Just do it – Get to the gym or head outside and just do something. Consistency is key. If you work, even any little bit, you will see results. Steady and consistent work leads to results.