Catch the Travel Bug

TravelSince I’ve been traveling a lot lately, I thought I’d share some of my travel necessities. Traveling is one of my all time favorite things to do and sometimes little things like these can make your travelling more enjoyable. Although my most recent travel has been mainly inside of California, no matter where I go, I like to stay comfortable and stylish and prepared for everything.

Plane bag – I love a bag with a lot of pockets. It helps to keep everything organized and compact. I got this Olivia + Joy bag from TJMaxx.

iPad – I mean, you can do anything on this right? Mine is filled with movies so I’m never bored on a long plane ride. Apple

Portable iPhone charger –  everyone needs a portable cell phone charger. Especially if it’s this good-looking. is one of my new favorite discoveries. I’m in love with their color palate.

Comfy sweatshirt – this sweatshirt from ca limited is so warm and I love the design. Perfect for beach weather and representing California.

Makeup bag – I’m a collector of makeup. I love it. And usually when I’m traveling I don’t want to have to choose what to bring. So I end up taking bags on bags filled with products. But hey, with cuties like this one from Target, I’m not complaining.

Tiny purse – I’m all about a tiny purse. It’s so versatile and doesn’t hurt your shoulder to carry all day. Major plus if it’s good-looking. This one from Forever21 has been through a lot but it’s so simple that I can’t get rid of it.

Wallet – to go along with the tiny purse, you gotta have a tiny wallet. I like to keep my money and cards pretty compact so I like to have a small wallet like this one from Target in my favorite color to keep my receipt hoarding to a minimum.

Gucci flora – this perfume is my new favorite. It’s floral and light and lovely and this size is perfect to take along anywhere to keep your scent fresh to death. Sephora.

Sunglasses – Finding a great shape for your face is key to a great pair of sunglasses, no matter how much they cost. These are from Forever21 and were inexpensive so if I’m travelling and lose them or something happens to them, I won’t be too sad about it.

P.S. the background of this photo is my bed spread, from Urban Outfitters, that I’m absolutely in love with.